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Baybridge Solar Canopies

High specification canopies that harness solar energy whilst providing stylish shading 


Modern Innovation

Looking good in any location

Window Shading
Car Park Shading
Covered Walkways

Here To Stay

Zero-maintenance aluminium frames
Top-class solar panels
Simple fast installations 
Minimal site preparation
Long-lasting returns on investment
Full technical assistance provided

Rendu Electra All Prod House - Car.jpg

Proven Track Record

These products have been designed, manufactured and extensively tested across Europe, USA and Australia by one of the largest market-leading manufacturers in Europe

As the sole UK Distributor we are pleased to bring these superb ranges to the UK market to further the rise of solar energy production with all its environmental benefits 

Got a project in mind?

Please get in touch for any help you need to turn it into a reality! 

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