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HYVE Modular Outdoor Pods are a concept developed by Ambassador to provide a creative modular space for a range of uses.  

They can be used individually as separate pods, joined to form a double, or tessellated into an endless honeycomb of indoor space.  

Brilliant for schools, universities, coworking hubs, hospitality, or even a home office.  The unique modularity of the hex makes it both cost effective and hugely versatile.

HYVE modular outdoor pods in a double configuration
HYVE modular pod as an outdoor gym

Visit our very own HYVE!

HYVE Modular Outdoor Pod at Lakeside North Harbour

Our very own HYVE, in situ - right by the lake at Lakeside North Harbour, Portsmouth.  It is used daily by co-workers around the complex, and its also the ideal spot to discuss your requirements.  Just give us a call, and we will put the coffee on!

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