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Electrics in my garden room

A big part of any garden room, particularly a garden office, is the electrics. As a year round investment, you need to be sure you have the correct lighting, power, and heating that you need to work or enjoy the space any time of year.

Although you can get electrics surface fitted by your own electrician retrospectively, its a good idea to include them in the overall package, that way we can hide all of the first fix wiring behind the wall panels when we put the building up.

So what's included?

A typical electrical package will include 240v sockets, led downlights, and a wall mounted electric heater. These are all fitted and signed off by a qualified electrician. We can also add different internal or external lights, air conditioning unit, power points for a widescreen, the list is endless...

What's not included?

We won't quote on connecting the mains power to the garden room. This is because there are too many unknowns - each project will require a different amount of work to run the cable, integrate the circuit, and make good. Instead we supply a separately fused unit ready for connection. That's not to say we cant put you in touch with a good electrician and work with them to supply what's needed.

My power supply is too far away / too difficult to run to the building?

Solar panels are a great alternative to mains power on a garden room. We can supply a 12v Hubi solar system for just a few hundred pounds that can run lighting and power your screen or phone. A 240v system will cost around about £2k and give you power, lighting, and heating all off-grid.

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