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Goring on Thames Oak Gazebo


  • 195mm Oak Post & Beam

  • Oak rafters

  • Custom oak braces to match existing front porch

  • Cedar shingle roofcover

  • Black plywood underside to contrast the oak


The client wanted a gazebo that wouldn't look cheap, but also wouldn't feel like a carport. We put forward a full oak structure and customised the pitch and matched the detailing to the existing front porch.

Weighing in at about 2.5 tonnes, we had to work closely with the landscaper and had concrete pad foundations put in beneath the slabs where the posts would go so as not to pop the slabs with the weight.

The great thing about an oak structure is it looks great when you put it up, but will look even better a few years down the road once the oak has a chance to weather and the shingles have all gone grey. The black plywood 'ceiling' is a great way to contrast the oak rafters too.

Garden Designer:


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