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St Peters Hospital Room


  • Siberian Larch 'shadow-gap' cladding

  • Aluminium bifold doors

  • Sedum Living Roof

  • Plaster & Paint interior

  • Hospital grade Vinyl flooring

  • Infra-red ceiling concealed heating system

  • Groundscrew foundation

  • Elfin Kitchen


We enjoyed working with Rae Wilkinson Design and The Outdoor Room Landscapers on the 'Eternal Garden' project at St Peters Hospital in Chertsey. The project was a charity funded scheme to create a comforting non-clinical environment within an outdoor courtyard at the heart of the hospital.

Working to a tight 3 month timeframe, we designed and built a 6.5m x 5m insulated garden room including a groundscrew foundation and related services. We were able to maximise space within the building and still avoid a drainage inspection chamber by designing a 'corner cut-out' around the drain cover.

Key features of this garden room include a wide 4.8m bifold doorset, a sedum living roof (looks incredible from upstairs), and an Elfin kitchen unit complete with hot and cold water.


Garden Designer:


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