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The Garden Room Journey

Every garden room we make goes through a similar process before it reaches the finished product. Here are the steps to how it gets there:

  1. Design stage

At point of enquiry we drill into the clients needs and wants, sketch up a design and specification, and tailor it with the client to make sure we meet expectation and budget. We then conduct a site visit to explore the practicability of what we have proposed, and at the same time finalise the design with the client.

2. Plan Stage

Once we have received the order the garden room enters the plan stage. Here we create the structural drawings, order the materials, and schedule the remaining stages. We will often also liaise with the client to finalise any interior fitout options they have chosen and consult the electrician on specific details such as lighting placement.

3. Workshop Build Stage

We prefabricate most of our buildings as much as we can in the workshop before coming to site, this typically involves making the studwork frames, then insulating and overlaying with osb before cladding the outside. You can see details of the components on our garden room / summerhouse comparison chart here:

Garden Room Construction
Download PDF • 330KB

4. Site Build Stage

After completion of workshop build we take all the panels to site and bolt them together to create a rigid structure. We apply and seal the roof, fit windows and doors, external trims, electrics, and all the interior fitout.

5. Snagging & Sign-off

We will always snag our projects to check we are 100% happy with the garden room before we hand it over. As soon as we are sure it is ship-shape we invite the client to check it out and sign it off as job done, present the keys and send across the certifications.

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