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We all know the feeling – “Sorry, we don’t do that in the range” – “Sorry – that colour is not one of our standard ones” – “Sorry, we only do this range of roofs” (Or should it be rooves? I don’t know – “Hoof & Hooves or hoofs?” Wonderful language, English)

Look, why shouldn’t you have lime green doors and cherry red walls inside?

And why shouldn’t you have it fully- lined & plastered, insulated with ambient lighting and speakers within the ceiling?

Or, if you want buttercups, daisies, and country wildlife growing on the roof (Well, not ALL wildlife) then why not?

AMBASSADOR TIMBER BUILDINGS, based in Hampshire (A field or two from the rolling South Downs National Park) specialise in CUSTOM-MADE DESIGNS. You make the choice – we’ll run with you.

  • We’ve recently installed a timber building alongside a London canal – so close, you could be reaching for the lifebelt.

  • We’ve just installed individual exam rooms to a private school, for the educational gurus of the future.

  • We’ve completed a variety of garden rooms. All different – because our customers are all different.

Seriously, there are limits – but not many. And we’ll tell you beforehand if it won’t work, because we’re a family firm spanning three generations, and we’ve made most things work in our time – but not all!

So, if you’re seriously looking for a seriously different garden structure, do give us a call.

We believe you’ll find us helpful, straightforward, practical, reasonable – and different.

  • Firstly, we’ll answer your initial enquiry promptly – because we “Just DO want to know”

  • Then, we’ll discuss broadly your requirements (Might even be able to give you a broadbrush costing)

  • Then , we’ll come out & survey the area, check suitability & make any suggestions.

  • Then, we’ll submit a quotation, giving options as required.

  • Then, your order will be one of our most prized possessions until completion.

No pressure – no estimating cost – because the choice is yours!

JUST TO BE CLEAR, We do make many ‘Conventional’ garden buildings, but the alternatives we offer are endless – well, almost.



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