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What are the benefits of a green roof?

A 'green roof', or sedum blanket, makes a great addition to your garden room.

  1. its eco-friendly. Give back to the environment by increasing the plant life on your property, without taking up any more space.

  2. its maintenance free. Sedum is a slow-growing hardy plant that wont need constant attention to survive - at most it may need watering occasionally during extended drought.

  3. it looks great! If you can see the roof of your garden room from a window or higher piece of ground, a green roof looks massively more attractive than plain black rubber.

  4. it cools the room in summer, and insulates it in winter. A well insulated garden room will give you good protection from the weather in any case, but adding a green roof will still make a difference. Black epdm rubber roofing absorbs a lot of heat from the sun in summer, but a green living blanket provides a cooling effect. It also gives an additional insulating layer to keep heat in during the winter.

  5. Sound insulation. If you live in a built up area, or just want some quiet for your office space, a sedum blanket can absorb up to 30% of urban sound pollution.


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