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Brighton Home Office


  • Siberian Larch cladding

  • Aluminium French doors and windows

  • EPDM Rubber Roof

  • Plaster & Paint interior

  • LVT Vinyl flooring

  • Infra-red ceiling heating system

  • Built on existing raised concrete plinth


This client was initially going to replace their old garage with a blockwork office, but the builders quote turned out to be hugely expensive. So they came to us for a timber structure instead and we were able to offer a substantially cheaper option with exactly the same (we think nicer) result.

Our standard 100mm thick insulated walls floor and roof, aluminium double glazed windows, high quality LVT floor, and a plaster finish which the client then painted. Vertical Siberian Larch cladding gives it a contemporary linear effect which looks really smart.

We had a few added challenges working with the placement here - the base was a 5ft plinth and the room needed to be right next to the boundary. We custom designed the drainage and used our standard prefabricated panel system to get right up to the fence line.


Garden Designer:


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