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Hove Garden Room


  • Ecoscape 'Midnight' slatted cladding

  • Aluminium bifold doors with integral blinds

  • EPDM Rubber Roof

  • Plaster & Paint interior with wallpaper feature wall

  • Underfloor heating

  • Groundscrew foundation


This was another project completed on time to a tight schedule. With the client moving in for the holidays in 3 months time we worked with Claire Winchester Garden Design to put together a design and build this 6m x 3m garden room.

Designed to be part office, part chill area, there is a desk height window at one end and a TV screen at the other, with some high level windows along the back for sunlight and ventilation. The integral blinds give it privacy and keeps the sunlight out when its not wanted.

Did you know we can do underfloor heating in a garden room? This was an electric mat system overlaid with latex self levelling compound with an app controlled thermostat. It's fantastic to have in the winter.

Garden Designer:

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