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Lakeside North Harbour HYVE


  • Thermowood Cladding

  • Aluminium French Doors

  • Modular Hexagonal Construction

  • Sedum Living Roof

  • Solar 12v Charging Station


The HYVE at Lakeside North Harbour was a flagship prototype for our modular hexagonal outdoor pods. We teamed up with the Lakeside estates department and supplied a full spec modular HYVE pod in exchange for marketing coverage and critical feedback. We couldn't have asked for a better location.

Mounted on a small pontoon overlooking the lake, and with the great Lakeside 1000 office complex towering over it the HYVE pod is a haven with some beautiful scenery apart from the busy office. It even boasts a small 12v solar system for charging phones and laptops.

The HYVE was designed to be bolted together as a modular kit, that can be grown or 'tessellated' into a huge honeycomb if desired. Those chunky oak trims and bold black corners are actually cover strips concealing the fixings between each panel.

We created and assembled this one in the workshop and brought it to site on the back of a trailer - on and off site in a single day! It is still going strong 3 years later, just book a visit and come check it out.



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