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Need Specialists In Bespoke Garden Rooms In Hampshire?

Want to create an outdoor space you love?

One of our HYVE outdoor rooms can transform the way you enjoy your garden in Hampshire. No matter the weather, you’ll have a way to enjoy nature- and escape the main house.

Perfect for creating either corporate or home environments, they come fully finished and ready to be used for all sorts of activities.

Our team at Ambassador Timber Buildings design and install this feature for gardens across Hampshire and the surrounding locations.

If you’re keen to introduce a bespoke room to your garden in 2022, simply contact our team to get the ball rolling.

This type of garden feature has never been more useful. This is partly down to the increase in home working, with more people keen to use a garden room as their private office. However, bespoke garden rooms aren’t only great for working. They can be used for everything from relaxing and socialising to fitness activities.

No matter if you're an artist who needs a studio, want to enjoy more outdoor dining, or require a corporate meeting room, our garden rooms are a great solution.

Whatever your unique lifestyle, they can be built to reflect your most-loved activities. That includes serving as a pool house and changing rooms.

Ambassador Timber Buildings specialises in garden rooms individually designed and built specially for you.

If you’re interested in our bespoke garden rooms in Hampshire, please contact our team for more details.

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